Custom Ornaments, Cake Toppers and Sculptures

 NEWS 9/24/2015:

At this time, I am unable to process any more custom orders. If you are interested in a CUSTOM ONLY ornament/s, I have a few options: 

1-      For $10, you may be placed on my waiting list for orders to be completed AFTER December 2015. Prices fluctuate due to demand and time of year; if you are placed on this list you will have LOCKED 2015 PRICES (please see attached document). I will require photos and exact details as to what kind of a custom you would like. If you decide to proceed after you have been quoted by me or my assistant Virginia, then I will need the appropriate contact info from you so I can reach you when the time comes to sculpt your ornament in the early months of 2016. This $10 is NON-REFUNDABLE! If we are unable to contact you or you are no longer interested, this $10 may be used as store credit towards another purchase!

2-      You may be placed on my GET BACK TO list regarding a new line of SEMI-CUSTOM ornaments coming out that incorporate many fun options with various backgrounds, banners, etc. that may fit into your category!  All I need is appropriate contact info!

3-      If you prefer to wait without paying a $10 wait list fee, mark your calendar for mid-January and get back to me once my season has cooled down. I will then be able to give appropriate new 2016 quotes and time frame. (Please be aware, by January I could possibly be backed up until Feb-April)

Also keep in mind, my BASIC stock ornaments are for sale year round unless stated otherwise! Thanks :)


    All my polymer clay Christmas ornaments are hand sculpted by Bert's Clay Creations artist Roberta Prostor only. 

    Each and every ornament is made to order settting her work apart from all the rest. She has personalized ornaments for all occassions. From baby's first christmas ornaments to anniversary ornaments, family ornaments, doctor ornaments and nurse ornaments. My favorites though are custom personalized polymer clay ornaments that are sculpted just for you. If you have any questions please email to - Thanks for stopping by!