Ending 2018 Strong

Ending 2018 Strong
As always, I finish my year creating Ashley and Tim's wild year ornament. Going on 7 years now, I've seen many wild adventures that include their two dogs Winnie and Marty. I so love making their ornament as they give me complete creative license to do as I please. After making hundreds of ornaments for the season, I sometimes think I can't squeeze anymore creativity out! I always manage by saying a prayer and relying on the Lord to give me the strength to get it done!

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  • Roberta Prostor
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  • Geri Pasieka
    Geri Pasieka

    Hi Bert,
    I sent you an email on Thursday, Sept 5th. I think I just missed the deadline. I see now you are on vacation,Can you please answer when you get back. Let me know. Thanks so much.

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