STORE NEWS 11/2/18: Ornaments are being expedited within 1 to 2 weeks. Larger orders a bit longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

My ornament broke? How can it be repaired?

     REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS: If pieces are mishandled, use a small amount of SUPER GLUE GEL ONLY. Dab on piece and attach holding for 10 seconds that is it. Do not use any other glue, especially hot glue.

My ornament broke in the mail. Will you replace or refund?

     I will be happy to either send a replacement if it is a basic stock ornament OR if it is custom, send you a return label for it to be sent back and repaired to perfection.

Where do you get your designs?

     All designs are completely original. I not only design, but Virginia does all the graphic design for everything. We never copy anyone's art.

How can I learn to make these?

     Good question! Virginia and I actually came out with kits for you to create your own ornament or figurine. Follow this link:

What kind of pen do you use for personalization?

     I no longer use pens. All of the ornaments are designed with graphics in mind. It is a much cleaner look. If you want to personalize your own, only use an Identipen. NEVER use a Sharpie - it will blead over time. 

My Dog ate my ornament help!

     No need to worry! Polymer clay is non-toxic and will not harm your pet if they swallow any portion of it. Although it will be a bummer for the ornament!

 Where are you located? Can I come to your house?

     Unfortunately I have a home studio where I work most of the time. I strictly sell on line. Everything is available on my website and I ship everyday. If you are in a rush, I will see if we can expedite your order.

Do you have a show schedule?

     I no longer do show and sell only on my website or Etsy

Do you wholesale?

     No I do not wholesale - I can barely keep up with my own personal customers 

What kind of clay do you use? And where do you buy it from?

     I use Premo and Fimo Soft primarily. Sometimes I add Sculpey III. I condition all my clay and mix my own colors. I buy my clay from Darice directly or Dick Blick