Frequently Asked Questions/Store Policies

Where are your store reviews?

I have hundreds of 5 Star Reviews on my Etsy shop. We just recently set up Google reviews here on my website. You can check them out on Etsy

Where do you get your designs?

     All designs are completely original. I not only design, but Virginia does all the graphic design for everything. We never copy anyone's art.

My ornament broke? How can it be repaired?

     REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS: If pieces are mishandled, use a small amount of SUPER GLUE GEL ONLY. Dab on piece and attach holding for 10 seconds that is it. Do not use any other glue, especially hot glue.

What is your breakage policy if it broke in the mail? 

     See store policies BELOW


What kind of pen do you use for personalization?

     I no longer use pens. All of the ornaments are designed with graphics in mind. It is a much cleaner look. If you want to personalize your own, only use an Identipen. NEVER use a Sharpie - it will blead over time. 

My Dog ate my ornament help!

     No need to worry! Polymer clay is non-toxic and will not harm your pet if they swallow any portion of it. Although it will be a bummer for the ornament!

 Where are you located? Can I come to your house?

     Unfortunately I have a home studio where I work most of the time. I strictly sell on line. Everything is available on my website and I ship everyday. If you are in a rush, I will see if we can expedite your order.

Do you have a show schedule?

     I no longer do show and sell only on my website or Etsy

Do you wholesale?

     No I do not wholesale - I can barely keep up with my own personal customers 

What kind of clay do you use? And where do you buy it from?

     I use Premo and Fimo Soft primarily. Sometimes I add Sculpey III. I condition all my clay and mix my own colors. I buy my clay from any source I can! From Hobby Lobby, Jackson's Art (UK), Dick Blick, Michaels, etc. Wherever I can find the best price as I go through A LOT of clay!


If for some reason you have placed an order and not received it once it has been shipped and stated as delivered to the final destination by USPS tracking, unfortunately there is little we can do after that point. Once your package has been marked as DELIVERED in the USPS system, it is out of our hands. Because all items are handmade, we cannot offer a free replacement in this case, but can offer a new one to you at a discounted rate. We appreciate your patience and understanding if this unfortunate situation arises.


CUSTOM ORDERS: (No refund) This would include an ornament with CUSTOM HAIR OPTION placed. Because this has been specifically created for you. Basic stock ornaments may be returned.
If you order a custom ornament you will be making a commitment to purchase it at the price quoted. If you are not satisfied with the final product we will do our best to make it right. We will NOT refund. We send photos of the CUSTOM item BEFORE shipping and that is your commitment and OK to have shipped. If perhaps it breaks during shipment, we will repair and send back a label. We will also need a photo to put in a claim to USPS or FEDEX.

If for whatever reason, a deposit has been placed and I have not heard back regarding questions on your order, there is a time period of 6 months before the deposit will be marked as invalid. I do my best to keep up with emails, when there is a lapse in communication, it greatly slows my process.

We take great care in packaging the ornaments very well and they leave the studio in perfect condition. However, once they leave and in the care of USPS, damages can occur beyond our control. I CANNOT GUARANTEE NO BREAKAGE WILL OCCUR. You have 3 options which are stated here:

OPTION 1: You can mail back to us for repair. We must be notified within 3 days of delivery and item shipped back within 7 days. We will repair and it will be promptly returned. We will send a pre-paid label at no cost to you.

OPTION 2: Take a picture of the ornament and the box and email back to so we can access the damage and determine whether it can be super glued by you which we highly recommend. There are repair instructions on the back of the card. If it is a “clean break” in a joint it is VERY easy to just dab a small amount of super glue or super gel on the spot, place together and hold for 10 seconds. The repair is fixed and you will see NO DAMAGE. We will give you a credit based on the damage if you decide to repair on your own.

OPTION 3: If the item had the CUSTOM hair/facial hair option chosen, and if it arrives broken, we must be notified within 3 days of delivery and item shipped back within 7 days. We will send a pre-paid label to return for repair to make good as new. NO REFUNDS.

UNUSUAL BREAKAGE OCCURS: If for some reason your item has been mishandled or dropped, please contact me. I WILL not refund. I will only refund if it has broken in the mail and am notified with 3 days of receipt. I am not responsible for breakage after it has been received. I will do my best to work with you. My items just don't break or crumble. I have experienced a few customers accidentally breaking or mishandling after a period of time and request refunds.