IMPORTANT CHANGE IN SUBMISSIONS  –  JULY 31st is no longer the deadline as in years past. 

I am so blessed by all of you! My business has grown considerably, so with that, I am going to be limiting my custom orders from this time. After thoughtful prayer and reflection, I will be focusing on building inventory for the high season with how I began in 1985 - Christmas ornaments for all! I'm also eager to explore new ideas, implementing and expanding my creativity in the process. Custom commissions tend to be time-consuming, and I don't have sufficient time to allocate to them effectively.

I am limiting commissions to 10 per month maximum. I will not maintain a waitlist from this time forward. I will selectively accept custom commissions rather than taking on all requests.  Once those slots are accepted and filled, the queue will be closed and submissions on my website will say SOLD OUT, and order form  will not let you submit. It will reopen when I am available. This approach allows me to dedicate the necessary time for communication, design, thought processes, sculpting and photography for each custom piece. Submitting a custom request via email will undergo the same careful consideration and scrutiny.  Managing a large customer bases poses challenges, making it impractical to fulfill every request. 

ACCEPTANCE: Once a custom order is accepted, you will receive a PayPal invoice requiring payment for 75% of the quoted price. The remainder balance of 25% will be invoiced once the order is completed. Any changes to the custom order will result in a change order.  


INDIVIDUALS (single person) Pricing starts at $75

CHEERLEADER/Sports Figures: $75 upwards

FAMILIES: Pricing starts at $75 per individual. Each individual is priced according to clothing depicted, hair styles/facial hair, etc. A family of 4 can run $300 upwards. Extras are not included (pets) and those will be priced accordingly.

BRIDE & GROOM Ornaments: Start at $200 

CAKE TOPPERS: Start at $300 (very limited!)

PETS:  Start at $150 for dogs, cats $75 upwards

PHOTOS OF COMPLETED ITEM:  It is important to note that the coloring of each computer monitor / cell phone screen will vary slightly. For example, skin tones might look too yellow or light. Please refer to my previous works on my website for references. Also when items are photographed, sometimes they look out of proportion because of the angle they are photographed. I assure you that they look much different in person.