Ending 2018 Strong

Ending 2018 Strong 38

As always, I finish my year creating Ashley and Tim's wild year ornament. Going on 7 years now, I've seen many wild adventures that include their two dogs Winnie and Marty. I so love making their ornament as they give me complete creative license to do as I please. After making hundreds of ornaments for the season, I sometimes think I can't squeeze anymore creativity out! I always manage by saying a prayer and relying on the Lord to give me the strength to get it done!
  • Roberta Prostor
How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is 4

This was actually an ornament that was used as a cake topper - I just love how this turned out! The cake compliments the topper so well!
  • Roberta Prostor
Bert's Clay Studio - DIY Clay Kits

Bert's Clay Studio - DIY Clay Kits 3

Virginia and I are so excited to share our new joint venture! Have you ever wanted to create your very own ornament? We've thought of everything so you can successfully create your own polymer clay ornament or figurine!
  • Roberta Prostor
Tears of Joy

Tears of Joy 0

I received the ornaments you made for my Mom and Aunt Sally. They are much more than I have ever hoped for!!! They brought tears to my eyes. These ornaments will always keep them young.

Thank you is not nearly enough for what you have created!!!


  • Roberta Prostor
This Is Why I Still Create

This Is Why I Still Create 16

To say I am blessed with my special customers is an understatement! Noreen has been my customer since the 1980's (YIKES!). All through the years, she has ordered for her children and grandchildren. Each new holiday season, she faithfully goes to her local library and searches for my new ornaments. Then I receive a "phone call" with her order since she never orders through the internet! I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am when she calls as she reminds a bit of the "glory days" while living in Ohio doing the most amazing shows ever and building relationships with my customers over these last 30 years. By the way, Noreen was at the World Series in 1948 when the Cleveland Indian's Won - now they're there again! I asked her if she was going and she replied "Ber they're going for $2,000 a ticket!"  If I was a rich woman I would buy her one because she is a part of Indian's history! I love you Noreen!
  • Roberta Prostor
We Are Family

We Are Family 0

Of course creating customs are my favorite! I get to peak into the lives of families and imagine capturing their essence. It brings such joy to be able to create them in such a whimsical way especially the toddlers because I can make them so playful!