This Is Why I Still Create

This Is Why I Still Create
To say I am blessed with my special customers is an understatement! Noreen has been my customer since the 1980's (YIKES!). All through the years, she has ordered for her children and grandchildren. Each new holiday season, she faithfully goes to her local library and searches for my new ornaments. Then I receive a "phone call" with her order since she never orders through the internet! I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am when she calls as she reminds a bit of the "glory days" while living in Ohio doing the most amazing shows ever and building relationships with my customers over these last 30 years. By the way, Noreen was at the World Series in 1948 when the Cleveland Indian's Won - now they're there again! I asked her if she was going and she replied "Ber they're going for $2,000 a ticket!"  If I was a rich woman I would buy her one because she is a part of Indian's history! I love you Noreen!

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  • Roberta Prostor
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